Short Story: Crushing on a Girl Named Evangeline

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I studied his face to try to get a feel for what he was thinking. “She looked scared but I don’t think it was that we are hunters and more that I knew about her sister! I don’t think she talks about it! So I get the feeling if she does ring me she’ll wanna talk to me alone.” I played with my fork on the table making it go up and down my pressing the fork end. Dean shook his head. “I’m not sure it’s a good idea for you to be too close to her alone, I saw how you reacted when you touched her Sam! I know you think you have this whole connection thing but I don’t like it!” he sat back and studied me. I licked my lips and paused as Zach brought the coffee over. “I’m real sorry y’all had to witness that before with Evan and myself, I wouldn’t have hit her though! I was just angry is all… I really do love her.” he turned and walked away. “What’s so wrong about me connecting with her, I know how she feels to a certain extent! If I can help her understand or even find the thing that did it then what’s the harm?” He sighed as he poured sugar in his coffee. “That kid is the problem! He’s head over heels in love with her! She broke up with him for whatever reason, you don’t want to be the rebound guy Sam, you love easy and you fall hard I’m just looking out for you.” I added milk to my coffee and waited for the sugar. “I know that Dean, but just trust me I need to help her.” I didn’t want to tell him that last night wasn’t the first time I’d dreamt of her. I’d had dreams with her in before only then I didn’t know what her name was, I only saw her face, even then it had been dark and she’d been upset. He studied me. “You got something you wanna tell me?!” he slid the sugar over to me. “Nope. We could go to the library though! You know res... ... middle of paper ... ...king in her parents diner, she’s probably jealous a lot of girls like her are.” I poured a little of the syrup over my pancakes and started to eat. After we’d eat breakfast I went up to pay and Zach shook his head. “It’s on the house, after the way I behaved outside and all…” he looked at me then took a breath. “Look I know you like Evangeline, but she’s complicated, she’s not like my sister, she’s smart and pretty and I really don’t wanna loose her, I know what I did out there was wrong but she’s the only girl I’ve ever loved, ever wanted to be with. Just don’t mess her around.” He turned away and walked off before I had the chance to react. It was strange it was a warning in two senses, one to stay away from her and the other not to hurt her, I was confused about her, I’d never even really met her before but I did have a crush on her. I really hoped she’d call.

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