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Its 2:30pm. The whole school is at an assembly. 9th period, the last period of the day. Recently back from christmas break and everyone is showing off their new gadgets and gizmos. The whole school is being cooped up in this little auditorium. A college meeting that most people aren't worried about. Nevertheless there is this electric feel in the air. Its thursday and it is going to snow. Were talking some serious inches here. There will be over ten inches and everyone is yearning for just one more day off. Other schools don't go back until after monday. John a misunderstood kid, is checking his phone and waiting for the update that will say if there is going to be school. While still being Careful that none of teachers passing by snatch up his phone like a vulture would a mouse. We’re sitting at the assembly and the bell rings, and an announcement comes on over the loudspeaker and mentions some about school tomorrow. But students being their usual loud selves pay no attention. Until one of the people with the microphone on the stage says. Snow day tomorrow. There was a giant weight lifted off everyones shoulders. Now usually when it snows, a few friends and I go out snow shoveling. It's a great way to make some extra cash. But recently many of the people that we usually shove have ben saying that they have gardeners to do that. It is so de-motivating why all you do is get rejected by people when they don't want you to shovel their walk, and drive. During the night it snows about a foot. Perfect for snow shoveling. So I meet my friend at his house. He is a tall thing figure, with short blond hair and blue eyes. And we set off on adventure of trying to find a house to shovel. But business is moving at a sn...

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...t and we are facing the entrance ramp towards the highway. At this exact moment we jump out of the car. The elderly man is befuddled by our actions. He is smart, he asks us if we still want the money? I respond trembling “I just want to know where we are going” The man explains how just up this read about 1 mile further up into Manhasset where my mothers house is. How she is an old lady, 99 to be exact and she is stuck in her house and needs to get out. She has to go to the hospital for an urgent surgery. Now Tom and I are feeling terrible. We may have just killed this elderly woman. This explains why he was driving so crazy and why it was so far away. So we climb into he car and continue this journey up the hill. He arrive at the house and the man jumps out of the car to check on his mother. But when he opens the door he bursts int tears. She is dead.
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