Short Stories, Miss Lora And The Toughest Indian Alive

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In the spirt of taking risks like in both short stories, “Miss. Lora” and “The toughest Indian Alive” I too have taken bold risks like they did. I am of Chinese heritage, but I was born and raised here. My views on dating a person is different than other people of my heritage because I don’t believe that people should only date within their own race. I believe that love has no boundaries. I believe that if you love someone or even like someone it’s because of who they are as a person not what they look like or what religion they believe in. Traditionally, many elders don’t like the idea of the younger generation dating other races because especially with immigrant parents they always bring up the question about communication, how will we communicate with one another if we do end up getting married.
Not only will people judge you based on who you date but they will judge harshly and talk behind your back on the person you’re
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But in my opinion, it’s not the fact that Chinese people bore me it’s the fact that I just find other people more attractive in personality and who they are as a person. When I went on a date with this Hispanic guy not only did the people from my race judge me for holding hands with him but simply just being with him made others look twice. I know that when there is someone that is white with an Asian that there is no problem because it is acceptable, but when there is an Asian with a Hispanic there seems to be a lower standard. There seems to be more judgment with people around me when I’m out with people not within my
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