Short Comparison Of Cinderella

More than One Cinderella? Did you know that their are hundreds of cinderella stories? The story “Cinderella” has been around for many years, probably since most of us were born. Most stories today are actually based on the original cinderella story, just with some minor changes in the story or movie. Some examples of this are Ella Enchanted, Into the Woods, The Slipper and The Rose, and The Glass Slipper. There are many more stories and movies based around the original story Cinderella. We should all know the story about how a girl lives with her evil stepmother and stepsisters, and she loses her glass slipper and the prince did not sleep until she was found and when he found her then they lived happily ever after. My report today is going to tell you about the Grimm Brothers version, Cinderella original, and the Cinderella non-animated movie. Also how these stories resemble each other and how the roles of each character are similar. As usual we all know the story, or do we? The Disney classic focuses on a lovely young woman, the death of her mother, her father remarries then passes himself, and her step mother being a vicious woman with two less than pleasant daughters who then treat the young woman as a slave in her own house. The ending to this fairytale is a fairy godmother, a glass slipper and a prince and alway a happy…show more content…
Be kind and good and you will be protected. The Disney version simply eludes to the fact that she was a loving and caring mother, but she never gets to tell her the major sentiment of the whole tale. Be kind and be good. Instead, it is more viewed that Cinderella is just kind and gentle spirited by nature, and that it’s something she may have gotten from her mother’s influence before she passed, when Cinderella was only

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