Short Biography: A Brief Biography Of Emily Bronte

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Emily Bronte Everything started on July 30th, 1818, the date in which Emily Bronte was born. Emily was born and raised in Yorkshire, England. Born into a larger family with five siblings, they all still lived a fairly quiet life in Yorkshire. Emily Bronte’s education started at the age of six where she was sent to Clergy Daughters’ School. She was eventually sent of out this school when a case of tuberculosis came out and had killed two of her siblings. Living in Haworth, England, Bronte still enjoyed her young years in the quiet town. To keep her education alive, she went to Mrs. Wooler’s School in 1835. She became a teacher in 1837 at a law school, and then later studied Brussels in 1842. It was around this time when Emily Bronte began to write and publish her first works of literature. Her first worked she published was called “Gondal”, which was accompanied by her sister. Emily and her two sisters began to go into this business and published several poems together. Emily’s most famous work was published in 1847, called “Wuthering Heights.” It was a complex novel that had a lot of exploration. This work is still used today. Emily died at the age of thirty on December 19, 1848. She lived in Haworth, Yorkshire when she born, and when she had passed away. SOURCES: Tompkins, Joyce M.S. N.p. Web. 25 Mar 2014. . N.p.. Web. 25 Mar 2014. . Who: Emily Bronte What: Poem / Author When: 1818 - 1848 Where: Yorkshire, England Why: Enjoyed Poems and Writing How: Thoughts on paper Emily Bronte: Poems “Long Neglect Has Worn Away” Long neglect has worn away Half the sweet enchanting smile; Time has tur... ... middle of paper ... ... Or A Coal.” N.d. Web. Mar 29 2014. “A Dream” Once in a dream (for once I dreamed of you) We stood together in an open field; Above our heads two swift-winged pigeons wheeled, Sporting at ease and courting full in view. When loftier still a broadening darkness flew, Down-swooping, and a ravenous hawk revealed; Too weak to fight, too fond to fly, they yield; So farewell life and love and pleasures new. Then as their plumes fell fluttering to the ground, Their snow-white plumage flecked with crimson drops, I wept, and thought I turned towards you to weep: But you were gone; while rustling hedgerow tops Bent in a wind which bore to me a sound Of far-off piteous bleat of lambs and sheep. - Christina Rossetti Rossetti, Christina. “A Dream.” N.d. Web. Mar 29 2014.

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