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Nowadays, shopping is a part of our life, people buy the things everyday such as food, clothes, shoes, books and so on. Everything what we need we need to pay money for it. This is the human native, wo can not produce everything we need. Therefore, we have to use a thing which it is valuable to change the other thing what we need. Most of people use the money. What do people need, people will sell it. In the past, people will go to store to buy what do they need, but now, there is a new mode which is very popular to buy things. People can stay at home and just move their fingers, then they can buy everything they want. This is the network market. Shopping online and shopping in the store are the two most popular way that people buy things. In my opinion,with the development of the times, I think the shopping online is better than shopping in the store.
Firstly, shopping online is a really save time way to shopping. Can you feel you waste half hour to find a store? I believe, finding a store at a street is a terrible thing. However, shopping online we do not need to waste time to find a store or a product. We can just type the name of the store or the product and we can see on the screen, we also can know the price, texture, color, look and so on, all the information of the product. It is save the time we find the shop and the introduction of the salesperson. And the store we find online is over the country even over the world that makes us can choose the best one we find. Further more, if we shopping in the mall, walking one hour is the minimum charge, that is very tired. Specially for the men, shopping with their girlfriend or wife in the mall, it is like a nightmare. Because men usually are not interested in shopping, but not wo...

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Lastly, shopping online is much cheaper than shopping in the store. Because online store do not need to hire large number to sale, they do not need to pay the rent of the store, they save much more payout, so the online stores normally are cheaper than the real stores. We can compare many stores online and find the cheapest one but it is find a same thing in a mall so we can not compare the price of the same product. If we want to buy something on sale in the store we need to wait until the store on sale, but we can get the discount when we shopping online everyday, even if one store stops the on sale, we also can find the other store. The on sale never stop at online store.
All in all,for the lazy people, shopping online is better than shopping in the store. Even though shopping in the store have some benefits, shopping online will be the chose by most people.
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