Shopping: The Shopping Experience

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The Shopping Experience
Customers bicker back and forth on which shopping experience is better, online or in stores. A lot of customers have a type of shopping that is more convenient, and others rather stay away from in store shopping. Shopping used to be a hassle in the stores but with the newer technology shopping in the stores is so much easier than it used to be. A lot of people have thought about shopping on the internet, but people do not understand all the downfalls that come with it. The shopping experience is a type of opinion where customers debate whether they enjoy online or offline shopping, people always look at how quick and easy shopping is. Americans should continue to shop offline due to businesses improving shopping experiences, safer for customers, and can save time in the long run.
With today’s technology
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With online shopping many people order things that they want to return. Online shopping shows great hassles to this, where you must pay to ship it back to the company, where the item or items may get lost. With stores being only a couple miles away that person can return it where they know it showed up in the employee’s hands. Compared to online shopping the customer may receive their money back right away if they did not like something, where online it could take days or even months.
In store shopping it feels like it is easier and a less hassle to deal with. Yes, there are annoying things that come with in store shopping but in the long run it seems simpler. In store shopping helps the questions that are asked, such as: why is this better compared to this. In stores can compare or explain something better than looking it up online due to the constant websites with twenty different explanations of a product instead of one answer. Even though employees might have different opinions they can show you where a product
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