Shiv Industries Case Study

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2.2 Customer responsiveness Customer satisfaction is one of the most essential issue concerning business organization and firms. Shiv Industries has developed as brand in the business market by giving good quality product in low cost as compare to the local firms in India. The strength of Shiv’s brand was customer service. Howerver, now customers are not satisfied with their service and customers are complaining about their services such as: Lack of timely information flow, Delay in product development, Delay in shipment and Erratic quality of shipments by way of rejection rates. Thus, Shiv Industries need to improve in many areas like marketing and advertising , production planning, design innovation development and tanspotation to satisfy…show more content…
Customer experience and customer relationship management become a crucial factors in succeeding here. After third revolution in the automotive industry is occurring in new business models, but also in marketing and sales. Others industries set the benchmarks in customer relationship management (CRM), and therefore likewise change our desires in the car business (Stockle, 2014). So, Shiv industries have to improve there internal organisation system to satisfy their customers all around the world. The Shiv industries organization needed to implement basic changes in their internal division, which were in line with the SUB concept to enhance customer services (Banerjee & Jamal & Awasthy, 2005). The manufacturer’s work is to clear the space between desire (advertising ) and experience (test drive) in the sales process through focused on relationship management (Stockle,…show more content…
2.2.2 Real life Example • In case of Mitsubishi Motors is using the CRM system in their business to satisfy the customer demand. A Mitsubishi Motors finding that by collecting feedback from customer is 50% of the customers are positively responded to Extended Warranty and Only 10% of the non-visited customers are attended through Home visits. Mitsubishi conducted the workshop premises for educating the DO’s & Don’ts and latest technology of the vehicle (Sathish & Balamuruga & Sharma & Karthikeyan, 2013). • In Japan, Toyota is purportedly offering customer five-day delivery from the time of customer personally design own customized car from modular alternatives on a CAD system in a merchant showroom or in the customer own particular home by salesman, however though order processing, scheduling, manufacture, testing and delivery (Chan,

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