Shirley Temple

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America's little darling, everyone knows her but where did she come from? George Francis Temple was her father (Shirley Temple). He was born in 1888 and eventually became a banker (Shirley Temple). Her mother's name was Gertrude Amelia Krieger, she was born in 1893(Shirley Temple). They had two sons whose names were: Jack Temple and George Jr. Temple (Shirley Temple). While expecting their first daughter Gertrude played the phonograph and attended dance recitals (Shirley Temple). Finally on April 23, 1929 a beautiful baby girl was born (Shirley Temple). Shirley was a baby who would bring smiles to everyone’s face during the great depression (Hall). They named her Shirley Jane Temple. Shirley was born at 9:00 p.m. She once said " Too late for dinner, and so i started life one meal behind. Ever since then I have tried to make up for that loss"(The Official Shirley Temple Website).

Shirley began dancing extremely early (Shirley Temple). Even as early as eight months old, as she swayed back and forth in her baby crib (Shirley Temple). Her love for dancing continued. As Shirley got older she took dance lessons at Ethel Meglin Dance Studio, which was only ten miles from Hollywood (Bankston 6-7). It was the day before Thanksgiving and the family had travel plans arranged, so Shirley took dance class early that week (Bankston 7). While in a hurry her mother did not have time to curl her hair and Shirley had on very casual clothes, not knowing that this would be the day her fame would begin (Bankston 7). This is the day in 1931 that producers Jack Hays and Charles Lamont discovered Shirley (The Official Shirley Temple Website). Shirley's family became very protective of their little girl (Shirley Temple). She attende...

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...he received many awards even after her acting career had ended. In September of 2005 the Screen Actors Gold proclaimed that Shirley," who captivated the world as no other child star has done before or since, then served her country as an eminent diplomat over more than three decades"(U-S-history). She received a Life Achievement Award for her many accomplishments (U-S-history). Also, in 2005 Premiere Magazine put her at number thirty-three on the Greatest Movie Stars of all-time list (Shirley Temple). She was voted the thirty-eighth greatest movie star of all time by Entertainment Weekly (Shirley Temple). At one point, Shirley's fan club in England had 650,000 members (Lindeman). Located at 1500 Vine Street is her Hollywood Walk of Fame star (Shirley Temple). All in all, Shirley Jane Temple had a very full life and accomplished so much.
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