Ship Trap Island Narrative

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1369 words

The Arrival There have been many reports on an island, often visited by hunters, regarding cannibalism. In this news article, these concerns as well as secrets will be addressed. I will share with you my adventure to the Ship-Trap Island. I have traveled to the island on September 5th through September 12th. I was accompanied by a very intelligent and experienced hunter named Rainsford. On our first day, we boarded a boat filled with necessities for the trip. It took us 3 whole days to get to the island, and by then, a fourth of our resources were used up. It was night time when I spotted land. It was vaguely visible and was opaque, even Rainsford couldn’t see it. I decided to hit the hay, for although I didn’t do anything in particular, I was very tired. A few minutes later, I was awakened by …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Describes their trip to the ship-trap island, where they were accompanied by an intelligent and experienced hunter named rainsford.
  • Narrates how they woke up to find that rainsford was still asleep, but a sharp hunger still picked at them. the attractive general zaroff asked about his hunting experience and his history.
  • Narrates how they woke up to the sound of voices, and heard terrible news that rainsford would be hunted and that he would become the quarry.
  • Narrates how rainsford left a trail and repeated it over and over again. he climbed the tree right next to them and fell asleep. general zaroff approached them, smiled, and turned away.
  • Narrates how rainsford threw himself down a broken log and jumped back, apparently sensing danger. general zaroff called out to warn him of his presence and left to get aid.
  • Narrates how rainsford jumped into the cliff of the sea as he was about to surrender.
  • Narrates how rainsford confronted the general after he ate to his satisfaction and went to the hounds, apparently to sacrifice himself. he seemed pleased to have a companion to talk to.
  • Describes how they drifted off to sleep in a remarkably placid environment. they had breakfast with rainsford and headed home.

I rushed to the deck where Rainsford was, and we met eyes. It sounded like 3 shots had been fired from a gun somewhere near us. And then, in that instant, Rainsford fell overboard into the warm Caribbean waters. Startled, I dived in with him, for I knew that we had to stick together. Although the sounds were muffled by the waters, it seemed like more shots were fired…
After of so it seemed hours of drifting and swimming, I arrived to a rocky shore. I lift my head up and see Rainsford and he seemed to be sleeping. I waddled over to him to see his chest lift and fall. Knowing that he was okay, I fell asleep next to him in no time. When I woke up, it was about 9 o’clock according to the sun’s location. Rainsford was still there, fast asleep. The sleep had given me new vigor, but a sharp hunger still picked at me. I went to scavenge for something to eat before Rainsford woke up. After about an hour or two, I

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