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The story I'm reading is called Shiloh, written by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. The characters in this story are Shiloh, Marty Preston, Dara Lynn and Dad. Shiloh is a nice loving beagle who was living a very rough life. Marty Preston is a young boy who wanted to help out Shiloh because of the struggles he was going through. Dara Lynn is Marty's friend who also wanted to cheer Shiloh up. Dad is Marty's father and his role model. This story is about a beagle name Shiloh who always spotted Marty walking home from school and walked along with him. One day Shiloh was walking with Marty when he looked down and noticed several large scars on Shiloh. Marty was concerned so he decided to take him home. Marty gave Shiloh some clean water, food, and a nice cozy place to sleep for the night. The next day Marty let Shiloh go back to his home. Later on that day, Marty went walking and saw Shiloh limped over crying licking his wounds. Marty realized Shiloh's bruises had gotten worse and noticed a few more scars on his leg. Marty was growing more and more concerned so he decided to take Shiloh home and keep him. Marty started to suspect very bad things were happening to Shiloh so he decided to go down to the owners house. When Marty arrived and confronted Shiloh's owner, he admitted to abusing his dog and became very angry at Marty for coming to his house. Marty left the owners house and went back home. …show more content…

The police arrived at the owners house to question the abuse that was reported and to assess Shiloh. Afterwards, it was determined Shiloh was being abused and the owner could no longer have custody. Marty and Shiloh were back together again. The next day, Marty took Shiloh to the vet to get a full check up and to make sure his wounds got treated. Shiloh was very happy as he licked Marty's

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  • Analyzes shiloh, written by phyllis reynolds naylor, and the characters in it.
  • Narrates how shiloh spotted marty walking home from school and walked along with him when he noticed large scars on him.
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