Sheryl Sandberg's Role Of Women

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Women continuously are portrayed as subordinate in comparison to men. This idea eventually created another idea; feminism. Sheryl Sandberg, wrote a book about these feminist concerns, claiming that women are the source of the inequalities. Sandberg believes women need to alter their life in accommodation to equality. However female activist bell hooks writes in response to Sandberg arguing that men created this stereotypical “stay at home” woman. Hooks begins by going further than Sandberg, in reasoning about the unequal gender crisis, with putting both men and women at fault. Sheryl Sandberg 's writing in “Lean In: What Would you do if you Weren 't Afraid?” expresses her views on women in a lower work class in comparison to males. Sandberg…show more content…
When a boy in school or a man at work puts their understandings in a verbal context they are listened to and applauded usually no matter the circumstance. On the other hand, Sandberg also shows how a female once vocalizing her opinion can be seen as harsh and scolded for being impatient. From problems like this, Sandberg suggest we start embedding thoughts of equality into children, because eventually these thoughts won 't have to be pondered upon. These subtle changes she advises the lower class to do, believes will eventually progress into something less than a century ago men were only capable of. Pushing women to find their own way of things, ignoring the social norms and ideas of a women and creating our own way, functioning without a function.
Sandberg 's reasoning on behalf of feminism only resembles her. Hooks although tends to focus on the bigger picture when solving this uprising issue, in comparison to hooks focusing on more than sexist inequalities. Having different approaches to resolve this inequality hooks
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Voicing their opinions, both writers clearly stand on the idea that women are subordinate to males. Sandberg though not claiming to be a feminist both women strive to gain equal rights with men. An example of this was when Sandberg expressed her thoughts to “urge more women to believe in themselves and aspire to out larger” (Sandberg 658). Similar to this hooks writes “Weather feminist or not, we all need to remember that visionary feminist goal which is not of a woman running the world as is, but a woman doing our part to change the world so that freedom and Justice, the opportunity to have optimal well-being, can be equally shared by everyone- female and male” (hooks
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