Sherlock and Victorian London

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Sherlock and Victorian London Although Sherlock’s brilliant, out of the ordinary character goes far beyond the time he was created, there are many fascinating similarities of himself, and the superb Victorian London. Sherlock was a very unique character from the 1870s all the way up to 1914, and is still one today. He looked at life very differently than any other character of that time, he was almost considered a hero of Victorian London. Although, he was so different, there are many things that he said, thought and did that related to Victorian London. One of the very apparent similarities in Sherlock’s life and Victorian London is Class and Status. Class and status defined who you were, what activities you did, what you drove what you ate, and how you dressed. Though, Sherlock did not seem very subject to this, when we look at him, it is a very big part of his daily life. What defined Class and Status was how much money you had. We see in Sherlock’s life that he was high-middle-class (we will talk about how we see this later on). In the Class and Status there is working-class, low-middle-class, high-middle-class, and high-class (Aristocracy). Inheritance had a huge part in what class you were in. Sherlock is considered high-middle-class because he worked only a tiny bit, but he had enough of an inheritance to live off of. Because Sherlock’s inheritance was only a little, we don’t hear him hardly talk about, it wasn’t boast worthy. Because Sherlock was on the higher end of middle-class he was considered a gentleman. Most gentlemen wore a type of clothing referred to as “Steampunk.” This style consisted of many different articles of clothing depending on the occasion. A true gentleman was never seen outside without a ... ... middle of paper ... ...s Cited Works Cited Allanson-Winn, R.G. and Pub, Phillips-Wolley. Out of This Century. 12 February 2010. 4 March 2014 . Emporium, Historical. Gentleman's Emporium. 2003-2014. 4 March 2014 . —. Gentleman's Emporium. 2003-2014. 4 March 2014 . N/A. Mark of the Red Pen. 2 June 2013. 4 March 2014 . —. Victoriana Magazine. 1996-2014. 4 March 2014 . University, Stanford. Discovering Sherlock Holmes. 2005. 4 March 2014 .

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that sherlock's vest signals the intrinsic fashion sense and fineness of the wearer.
  • Cites allanson-winn, r.g., and pub, phillips-wolley. out of this century, 12 february 2010.
  • Compares sherlock's life with that of victorian london. sherlock was a unique character from the 1870s up to 1914. class and status defined who you were, what activities you did, driving, and how you dressed.
  • Explains that the cudgel cane was a great defense weapon and sign of strength and security to any women.
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