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221B Baker Street, is where a well-known detective resides. Sherlock Holmes, born in 1854, started his career as a private eye after college when a colleague’s father inspired him to do so. He worked alone for a number of years employing agents and using informants. Later on, he accepted a roommate Dr. Watson. Eventually, they become good friends and crime solving partners. Sherlock Holmes was not only an influential and respected detective, as well as, a good friend, but also a well-read fictional character in British literature.

When his good friend Dr. Watson described him, it included adjectives such as, “Bohemian, accurate, curious, and has as calculating nature.” Holmes was always thought to have a curious ability for analytical reasoning which helped him to succeed when unraveling crimes. He was also known to have the ability to “lie to police, conceal evidence, or break into houses when he felt morally justifiable.” Sherlock Holmes worked hand in hand with Scotland Yard in London, England. He was considered a respected and talented investigator.

Holmes recognizably, had a unique talent for deduction. He was well known to have an unusual gift for investigative talent. Sherlock Holmes was a non-typical avant-garde detective who thought out of the box when solving crimes. He was able to draw inferences, based on very careful observations. Holmes was known to say “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains however improbable, must be the truth.” Additionally, Sherlock could play the violin well and considered himself a loner. He was also an expert Single Stick player, boxer and swordsman. Ideally, Sherlock had a practical knowledge of British law.

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...ed movie character; 75 actors have played the part in more than 200 films.” There always seems to be a new interpretation of the genius defining Sherlock Holmes. Every actor bring an individual style to Sherlock’s character and personality.

The iconic image of Sherlock Holmes as a suave English gentleman wearing a Deerstalker cap and a cape was portrayed in most of the feature films. He was created in the 19th century and was the prime figure in four novels and more than 50 short stories. For this reason of the continued popularity, the novels, comic books, television shows, theater movies and the newest T.V productions, Sherlock and his broad shoulders will continue to credit the writings of Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes has recently shifted from a Victorian image to a 21st century super hero. The star role continues to be inspiring and irresistible.

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