Shell: Innovation And Innovation

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Innovation is the process whereby organizations use their skills and resources to develop new goods and services or to develop new production and operation systems so that they can better respond to the needs of their customers (Jones et. al., 2006). Innovation and technology are vital to providing a wider, more sustainable mix of energy resources for the world’s growing population. Thousands of Shell scientists, researchers and engineers around the globe are working to develop tomorrow’s groundbreaking solutions, collaborating with experts and specialists beyond our industry (Innovation through R&D, Shell Global, 2016).
Innovation brings about change and along with such comes high-level risk due to the amount of uncertainty with research and
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Values and norms can reinforce the entrepreneurial spirit and allow an organization to react quickly and creatively to a changing environment. Intrapreneurs are entrepreneurs inside an organization who are responsible for the causes or failure of a project (Jones et. al., 2006). Shell’s commitment to technology and innovation continues to be at the core of the organization’s strategy. As energy projects become more complex and more technically demanding, Shell believes their engineering expertise will be a deciding factor in the growth of our businesses (Our Strategy, Shell Global, 2016).
Shell’s key strengths include the development and application of technology, the financial and project-management skills that allows them to deliver large field development projects, and the management of integrated value chains. Shell aims to leverage their diverse and global business portfolio and customer-focused businesses built around the strength of the Shell brand (Our Strategy, Shell Global, 2016).
Structure influences the way people behave, creating the right setting is important to foster an intrapreneurial culture. Factors, which stunt innovation and reduce the ability to introduce new products, are organization size, organization age, vertical and horizontal innovation, people and property
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The paper conveyed that the company is a multinational enterprise, which has a tall hierarchical structure with divisions and affiliates all over the world. Owing to Shell’s international reach, it was highlighted that the company employees from various parts of the world with varying cultural differences but the given organisational structure has mechanisms in place that generally keep all associates on the control. The paper taught that Shell has a very wide multidivisional organisational chart, which emanates from its reach; although, decision-making filters downstream. We learnt that Shell is a fierce rival in terms of negotiations and contracts when it comes on to gaining the advantage over stakeholders. The company tactfully endeavours to advance its position in the industry by entering selected joint ventures and engaging in strategic alliances. It was revealed that Shell also takes over other business entities to further its position in our industry. While the company’s corporate social responsibility policies appear to be quite ethical, the company has not always lived up to expectations because there have been numerous allegations about Shell in terms of its inappropriate handling of the environments - as with the oil pollution case of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The paper also visited the area of innovation as it relates to Shell’s mechanism
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