Shedding Some Light of Schizophrenia

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Schizophrenia affects about 2.5 million Americans and 24 million worldwide. However, not everything is known about the mental illness. What part of the brain Schizophrenia affects and the different types of tests used to detect it. What medications have shown the best results, but what are their side effects that may come with? Is it worth the risk? Also what are all the possible ways Schizophrenia can be instigated?
“New test and machines also enabled researchers to study the structure of schizophrenic brains.” There were studies done to compare those of a normal brains and ones affected by Schizophrenia, it showed several structural differences. “The most common finding was the enlargement of the lateral ventricles, which are the fluid-filled sacs that surround the brain. There is some evidence that the volume of the brain is reduced and that the cerebral cortex is smaller.” They have also found that there is “a dynamic wave of tissue loss engulfs the brains of schizophrenic patients in their teen-age years.” Scientists have done a lot of research and have studied the subject and they came upon gray matter of more than 10 percent. They found it in the outer regions of the brain, after those finding it lead to the engulfing of the rest of the brain over 5 years. “Schizophrenia is categorized as a brain disorder affecting the balance in neurotransmitter concentration of dopamine, glutamate and serotonin systems.” The largest portion of the brain including cerebral hemispheres is the Forebrain. It is located in the frontal lobe, which “The forebrain serves to control (the process of thinking, knowing, learning and judging), sensory and motor function, hunger, sleep cycle and emotional expression.” There has been a displa...

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