She wants a home, not a house.

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The House on Mango street is a novel written by Sandra Cisneros who wrote this in a really creative and unique style; She did not write it all altogether but in small chapters. Cisneros was really successful in reflecting her Latino society by developing a character who is a young Latina girl called Esperanza showing how are the injustice, mistreatment and abuse from the males in the society. When Esperanza sees that other women who live in the same neighborhood are being abused by their husbands or fathers, her dream of leaving the house becomes stronger. Consequently she decides to leave her family house on Mango Street. In a particular chapter, ‘The Three Sisters’, the writer tells the reader about the story of Esperanza’s meeting with the three sisters who play a future teller role. She described their appearance in a beautiful way which makes the reader feel the same way Esperanza feels when she sees them. Additionally, she sat up the atmosphere of the scene before getting into details which also helps the reader feeling the moment. In ‘The Three Sister’ Chapter from ‘The House on Mango Street’, Esperanza by coincidence meets the three magical sisters who would tell her about her future and what to do with it which really comes to be the theme of identity and future.
The chapter of (The Three Sisters) starts in a really unique way of describing the three sisters and the atmosphere in general before getting into the settings. At the beginning it says “Three who did not seem related to anything but the moon” (Cisneros). This shows how Esperanza sees them as really weird women but who also could be related to extraordinary powers. Since the moon in some cases symbolizes dreams and beauty, it also could be that they are connected...

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...her own appearance and style. Also, they are really affective in their way of telling Esperanza that even if she leaves she has to come back for her people. They told her that she will always belong to her family and she will always be Mango Street. Additionally, it easy to relate the three sisters with the three witches in one of Shakespeare’s plays, Macbeth. On the other hand, the difference between the three sisters and Elenita in a different chapter can prove that the three sisters are more affective on Esperanza. The theme of identity in this chapter of how Esperanza will always be Esperanza and will always be realated to Mango Street is similar to the theme of Identity in the whole novel. Also, how people always look to the future in life can be noticed in this particular chapter and in the whole novel. As a final point, Esperanza wants a home, not a house.
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