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Khadijah and her brother was home alone on a Monday night. No they were not trying to have a wild party. They were waiting by the phone expecting a call from there parent. I know this sounds strange, teenagers waiting for a call from their parents. But this was not a "Is the house okay" call. There Aunt Marla was in the Hospice House for the terminally ill. They wanted to know how she was doing and was every thing okay. When the phone rung they ran to it like horses at the race track. It was their father telling them that their Aunt was doing fine and will have to stay there a couple of months. They felt relive to hear the good news, but Khadijah knew something was not right. As she got in the bed it felt kind of strange like someone was in it. (Let's not forget this is the same bed Khadijah use to share with her Aunt when she lived with her family.) Khadijah went to sleep with her Aunt Marla in her mind.

The next morning Khadijah woke up feeling like something was wrong. She got dress as usual and went down stairs for breakfast. But she did not sit to the table with her brothers. Instead she sat in the rocking chair her Aunt read her stories in. When her mother came down stairs she ask was everything was okay. Khadijah said "yes everything is fine." Everything was not fine, but Khadijah did not no what was wrong yet. When Khadijah got out of the chair to take her bowl to the kitchen she notice it started to rock on its own. She thought nothing of it and guess it came from her getting up real fast.

Every morning Khadijah's mother takes her and her brother to school. And on the way there is a graveyard. Khadijah hardly ever looks at the graveyard when she passes by, but something about it today made her look. It look like it had some kind of glow to it. As she pass by Khadijah said "Somebody's dead", her brother Carl said " No duh! The people in the graveyard are.". But Khadijah was not talking about the people in the graveyard. Then Khadijah ask her mother what time was it. Her mother said it was 8 o'clock. Her brother ask "Why does it matter?