Shawshank Redemption Hope Analysis

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In the Shawshank Redemption a theme of hope is evident throughout which is to be expected in a film about prison. In the Shawshank redemption hope is used to drive people to get out of the prison in Andy’s case and to travel down to Mexico based off of what a note said. Hope is often used in movies but just as much in real life and often helps people make it through a tough experience or to find something they have been looking for. I use hope at times to help brighten up a day or even sometimes an extended amount of time. Hope will drive you to push on and find your limits, and for this hope is the catalyst for our success in life and sport or in the movies case a drive to keep going no matter how hard. Over the past couple of months I had the privilege to go the Collingwood, ON and compete at Junior National Championships for alpine skiing however the trip did not go as planned. On the trip there were six races and in my…show more content…
Throughout my races I was driven by hope and fueled by the desires to be the best although I did have many failures along the way learning how to use hope in the best way. In the Shawshank Redemption Andy is driven day by day to escape from the Shawshank prison and works all night for nearly twenty years with a small rock hammer to chisel his way through the thick concrete walls of the prison. Red also is driven by hope nearing the end of the film when he finds the note that tells him to go to the town in Mexico Andy had told him about. He ventures south however he can and gets to that same town where he meets with his long lost friend Andy Dufresne. In life we unknowingly use hope to get us through our days and often times it works out perfectly and our job is to keep up with the curveballs life throws and adapt our hopes and desires
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