Shashi Deshpande’s Dark Holds no Terrors

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“Grown men can learn from very little children, for the hearts of little children are pure. Therefore the Great Spirit may show to them many things which older people miss”
-Black Elk-
The healthy growth of the mind and the intellect of children is a much discussed topic in the modern world. The physical wellbeing and intellectual growth of children vary according to the environment in which they live. Within the social system we find specialized gendered spaces that permit or forbid natural advancement of children. Indian social system is constructed in such a way that boys are always given preference over girls. The increased attention on the boys gradually leads to the inattention of girl children whose life seems to be in crisis. Literary works which appeared in the recent times, evidently after the 1980s highlight the discrimination faced by girl children in a larger scale. The gendered spaces seem to obstruct freedom of girl children and limit activities of girl children compared to boys. The analysis of childhood in this way can be considered as means of finding out the root cause of the discrimination, and this is done in recent Indian English fiction by introducing the theme of traumatic childhood and its effects on the young mind, through prominent girl child characters. The general trend reveals that children are at their best narrating events around without prejudices. They raise questions in situations where adults prefer to be silent. Thus recent Indian English fiction seems to put children in the midst of family problems and social issues for them to question and fight. The inferior status of girl children is such a situation in which children are introduced to find out the exact nature and depth of the is...

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