Shaping William Shakespeare's Career

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There's a story and reason behind everything William Shakespeare has written. His family, his less significant work, his first writings, and theatre work is what helped shape his career. Everyone is aware of Shakespeare's many writings; though, not many know the steps he took to become a great and well-known writer that we still study, read, and acknowledge today.
Researchers who wrote “Shakespeare's Life and Career”, discovered the great Shakespeare was born around April 23, 1564 in Avon-upon-Stratford to Mary and John Shakespeare. He was the third child from Mary and John; In particular, he had two older sisters and three younger brothers. It is believed that for his early school years, he attended the Stratford Grammar School (Shakespeare's Last Will and Testament) and he also attended King's New School for more practice in reading, writing, and the classics (William Shakespeare.Biography). Being the son of a bailiff and being a mayor-like figure, it had gotten him free tuition for his schooling. At the age of eighteen in 1582, he married Anne Hathaway; In fact, their first child, Susanna, was born six months later. It was not acceptable for women in the 1500's to have premarital sexual intercourse; consequently, referring back to “Shakespeare's Life and Career”, they rushed the marriage to keep Hathaway's good reputation. Seven years after the birth of Susanna, they had a set of twins, Hamnet and Judith.
After the birth of their twins, this time in Shakespeare's life is undocumented and known as
“The Lost Years”. No one has been able to pinpoint exactly what happened in “The Lost Years” so, researchers are left suspecting with the little evidence they are able to identify. He suddenly is shown documented, seven years ...

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...ooling and earlier writings or his work with the theatre and his theatre troupe, all of his success couldn't have been done without all of these little steps to the top. Even today, we still enjoy Shakespeare's plays and poems.

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