Shakespeare's Sonnets: The Powerful Words Of Shakespeare

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The Powerful Words of Shakespeare William Shakespeare’s sonnets are considered to be some of the most beautiful poems in English literature. Although little is known about the poet, many seem to put their focus on Shakespeare’s inner life; wondering why he wrote the things he did. William Shakespeare is mostly known for his plays; however, he did accomplish a lot in poetry. William Shakespeare was powerful with his words, and knew how to express things in great depth. Why or who he wrote about is still a mystery. Scholars only know so much about his life, and are still trying to put the unknown pieces together. What we do know is that Shakespeare was baptized April 26, 1564. In that time of era, the newborns were baptized only three days …show more content…

This sequence was originally from Dante Alighieri and Petrarch. It was developed in the sixteenth century; first introduced in France, then Italy, and finally in England. It is unclear when these poems were actually written, but scholars believe it was during the decade between 1590 and 1600. The sonnets were based on a virtuous lady, scorned lover, and romance. The emotion he expressed in his sonnets were with such great intensity, depth and complexity; it was often said that Shakespeare wrote with affection towards a …show more content…

He was a spectacular poet, and accomplished great things. Although Shakespeare is known for his plays, I believe his sonnets were just as good. Sonnet 18 has so much beauty revolving in it. Everyone idolizes even the thought of love. In sonnet 18, it’s as if you can feel the connection, because his words were so powerful. In my opinion, he set a high expectation for other poets, and it will always be hard for other poets to ever go above what he has already accomplished. I believe he was a great poet, because he knew how to express words in ways no one would ever think of. He also is very unique and powerful. No one really knew his lifestyle, yet from is literature, many could tell a lot about him. William Shakespeare will always be remembered as an astonishing poet who has accomplished great things in English

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  • Analyzes how william shakespeare's sonnets are considered to be some of the most beautiful poems in english literature. although little is known about the poet, many seem to focus on his inner life.
  • Explains that shakespeare was baptized april 26, 1564 in stratford-upon-avon, with his father john, mother mary, and 5 other siblings. his parents had 8 children, but 3 died at birth.
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