Shakespeare's Sonnets

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Writings by William Shakespeare are perceived as pieces of art that are a reflection of the power, flattery as well as passion that was evident in the monarchy which he was devoted to. The designs that Shakespeare used were geared towards the expression of prestige and elegance of that era. He did so in a manner that was impressive and this catapulted him to the recognition he enjoyed. and power that represent the monarchy in which he served. Shakespeare designed his written with the intention of expressing the elegance and prestige of the monarchy’s era and did so in an impressive manner to achieve his recognition. This paper discusses William Shakespeare’s work in relation to the monarchy that was in power during the time of his existence. This analysis includes the writings that were directly related to the queen and king of that time. Further, there is an analysis of how Shakespeare represented the entire monarchy. On the reverse side of this part of the discussion, the paper will look at how the monarchy viewed Shakespeare’s work and the writer himself. The members of the society at the time of Shakespeare also had their views about Shakespeare and these will be discussed as well as how Shakespeare viewed the society. William Shakespeare was born on 23rd April 1564 (Honan, 1998). He was an English playwright and poet. People of his era and others after it regarded him as the greatest English writer and dramatist. According to Dobson (1992), he is often referred to as the national poet of England. His work is extensive and includes more than 38 plays, narrative poems and over 150 sonnets. Most of the early works that he produced were mainly histories and comedies which he perfected and made more sophisticated. Shakespe... ... middle of paper ... ... with the rest of the population. References Analysis of Shakespeare's Sonnets and Paraphrase in Modern English. (n.d.). Analysis of Shakespeare's Sonnets and Paraphrase in Modern English. Retrieved from This online source provides a description of Shakespeare's sonnets. They reveal the mentality that he had while writing them. Dobson, M. (1992). The making of the national poet Shakespeare, adaptation and authorship, 1660-1769. Oxford: Clarendon Press. This book discusses the role of the theater in the establishment of William Shakespeare as the National poet of England Honan, P. (1998). Shakespeare: a life. Oxford: Oxford University Press. This book provides all the facts that one would like to know about Shakespeare, whether it is childhood or the experiences h experienced to become the darling of England.

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