Shakespeare's Sonnet 130: How Love Consequences In The World Of Poetry

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There had been many muses to the world of poetry, may it be a person or even a perception on life. Love is one that prevails all in the musings and perhaps there is a reason for that. While there are some that are cynical in the way of love and how it affects a person, love can have many positive effects on the mood and behavior of an enamored individual.With works from well known poets such as Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, and even the bard himself, William Shakespeare, the subject of love jumps up from the pages as changing an individual. Not all these authors and word artists agree with how love warps the mind. May the subject of love come from words on paper, paint on a canvas, or even in the lives of these people, love can prevail and…show more content…
William Shakespeare, a famous and well known poet and playwright, has used several poems, plays, and sonnets to convey his cynical view he has on love and the way it changes a person. He has used “Sonnet 130” to satirize the way that love poems are created on seemingly ugly women and muses. “SOnnet 130” was supposed to be used to make fun of those poets who create beauty from muses who are less than so. Love is a real feeling that can change the views and feelings of the one in love, as proved by the words of other fellow poets Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman. The way that Shakespeare writes plays and poems creates his characters and his persona as one with the tragic flaw as being one who falls in love foolishly, while may be amusing, is not the way a person is when they fall into love. Within the tragedy “Romeo Juliet”, Shakespeare has created a large conflict that killed six people, including the lovers themselves, because of the love between Romeo and Juliet. While Shakespeare seemingly attempts to try and make the young lovers appear tragic because of their quick love, everything seemed to change for the better when they had fallen in love. Romeo had not been so discriminate against Capulets after he had realized he was in love with Juliet, and even though they had died together, their families forgot their differences and forgave each other. Their love for each other was no flaw and it created a better

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