Shakespeare's Influences Of William Shakespeare And Modern Pop Culture

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William Shakespeare has undeniably influenced the course of literature, but he has also affected our modern pop culture. Some universal themes he analyzes within his text include, but are not limited to: appearance vs reality, order vs disorder, greed, lust, free will, and love. Because these topics are ones the public can relate to, many of his plays have been adapted into movies and other forms of storytelling to further expose younger viewers to these themes at an age-appropriate level. These movies include: West Side Story (1961) which directly take their plots for Romeo and Juliet (1595-96); the Disney film The Lion King (1994) which is an adaptation of Hamlet (1600); and the popular teen film She’s the Man (2006) which is a modernized…show more content…
Musicians from various genres have been influenced by the playwright’s text. Within classical music, Russian composer Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky wrote “Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture” in 1869; Finnish composer Jean Sibelius wrote “The Tempest: Complete Incidental Music to Shakespeare” in 1926; and German composer Richard Wagner took influence from Measure for Measure for his opera “Das Liebesverbot” in 1834. William Shakespeare has also impacted the musical theatre world, influencing productions such as Kiss Me, Kate (1948) and more recently Something Rotten (2015.) The playwright’s influence can also be traced to pop music, inspiring songs such as “Love Story” by Taylor Swift and even “I Am the Walrus” by The Beatles. (Pop Goes Shakespeare…The Bard in Modern Music.) Once again, Shakespeare’s relatable themes, particularly of love, are popular muses for music artists. According to The Shakespeare and Dance Project, choreographers have also created ballets and other dance works based on, or inspired by, Shakespeare’s plays since the eighteenth century. Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream are popular plays adapted into dance due to their interesting love stories and physical connections between characters. Many painters have been influenced from William Shakespeare’s plays and have used their talent to display

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