Shakespeare's Influence: The Impact Of The Renaissance By William Shakespeare

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The Renaissance has been a diverse period and had people who held dear to the art and literature, which have developed over the period. Starting with literature, was well known and popular in forms of plays, which have been presented out to people in that era and even today. One of the writers that have been noticed and presented in different styles in our time is William Shakespeare. William was known for writing most of the popular plays in the 1600’s and for interpreting language which was known for being ‘Shakespearean Language’. These languages in his plays are used from the renaissance era and are more likely seen with in the other writer’s stories as well. Though William was not the only one, there are others before him that has studied…show more content…
Francesco lived around the 1300’s within the Republic of Florence. He was well known for his early drawings and his love for the Latin language and often traveled all around Europe to find scrolls and manuscripts of the language he studied. This lead him to write ‘Dark Ages’, which was a written history book on the middle ages, his era, and the culture that had revolved around economics and politics. Now it is said ‘Dark Ages was a history book of his era’, meaning the first impact of the Renaissance had already taken affect. How did it take affect? Well in this situation, Francesco had created is literature based off of the Latin manuscripts he’s found over his trips. Now Renaissance literally means, ‘the revival of medieval knowledge’ and the expansion it made in the past 15th century. Something that is rarely seen in the modern world but so often mentioned in every political and even story told. Referring back to Shakespeare, his stories provide numerous languages brought up by the renaissance but out of the language a story has been made. This means that the Renaissance had also impacted on inspiration for some of these artists and writers who study it. What dose art have to do with inspirations and the renaissance? This brings up to one of the most famous artist of 1452 was Leonardo da Vinci, who was very infamous for studying the science of the human…show more content…
Because many of the Politics and Economy revolved in countries having to work together to create a better community. This also plays in in plays that explain the system of the kings and the ‘feudalism’. This was a difficult impact though for the people of the renaissance for the reasons of money and alliances that has been made. For the countries that lined the Mediterranean sea was were the allied countries traded their food and other sources for the other lands that needed them, and so there were trading posts to deliver and retrieve. People often complained due to the old ways of the renaissance when they were being taxed so much that middle income people couldn’t afford even food for themselves. This is why people would also often seer at the ways as well which was why most ideas were rejected or never even mentioned. Like in Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, where killer’s that Macbeth hired to kill Banquo. Who would want to get involved or be responsible in breaking the law and having to pay dire consequences? Because back in the era of the renaissance, anybody could get away with murder and it wouldn’t be solved in even a week. This is the impact the renaissance had put

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