Shakespeare's Influence On The Life Of William Shakespeare

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The great English playwrighert and poet William Shakespeare (1564-1616), is the author of the immortal works, which incredibly deeply embody passion that is inside man's soul, his virtues and vices. Shakespeare was born at Stratford-upon-Avon, where his father was a glovemaker and trader in agricultural produce. As an alderman, John Shakespeare was a prominent citizen who rose to the office of mayor ("bailiff") in 1568, although he soon after fell on hard times and, ten years later, was badly in debt (William Shakespeare 2013). Shakespeare's merit lies in the fact that he had an great influence on the development of the English language. Shakespeare boldly experimented with word-formation, "gluing" together a number of tokens, adding prefixes and suffixes. Thus were born the new shades of meaning or completely opposite meanings. For all his fame and celebration, William Shakespeare remains a mysterious figure with regards to personal history (Shakespeare’s biography, 2014). Since the 1850s, 77 people have been suggested as the likely author, with Francis Bacon, Edward de Vere – the 17th Earl of Oxford – and Christopher Marlowe the most popular candidates, and Queen Elizabeth I among the most outlandish (Alberge, 2008). English bard did not just invent a word out of nowhere; he indeed coined the words by entering them into circulation.
On the external side Shakespeare’s life path was not very eventful. He enrolled as an actor in theater, but in this field hardly achieved much. Rowe said that Shakespeare's best role was the shadow of Hamlet's father. But Shakespeare had another main duty in the theater. Private actor invaded that area, where he had almost completely dominated "university minds." Materially Shakespeare's life has d...

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...he injustice of the existing system and its quenching effect, an active love life, intransigence to all kinds of social evil. That is why his plays have found such a warm response and were and are loved by people.

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