Shakespearean Sonnet: Separated

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To be Graded Poem 1 (Shakespearean sonnet) : Separated I did everything, but you moved away. Oh, how glum I feel, that I have lost you. What have I done to stop you from being gay. Like how things parted when a strong wind blew. No matter how I change my attitude, Things will never alter to be the same. I have never really showed gratitude. All I ever did, was to push the blame. Love is meant to be something very real. Oh my, how very devastated you were. Memories shattered, like a broken pearl. All the times we spent is now a smeared blur. However, not all the fault is on me. As you were the one who said it with glee. Poem 2 (Villanelle) (Indian Orchestra) The mellifluous music danced into my ears as I strummed…show more content…
It slowed time, and made me forget my fears. Write-ups Separated The poet has a best friend of the opposite gender, and she has a secret crush on him. The best friend comes to the poet and shares his deepest secret with her, that he is in love with his classmate. The poet feels cheated and being angry, she just replies meanly back at him, causing their friendship to be gone forever. The poet, until the Volta, worries and blames herself for the broken relationship. After the Volta, she gives a twist by referring to how she was not to be blamed for everything that had happened, as her best friend was the one who mentioned something she was not comfortable with at the start. Indian Orchestra The poet explains how she loves the music produced by the Indian Orchestra and her instrument, the Veena. She indirectly states how her Co-Curriculum Activities (CCA) members are as eagerly involved as her. She states how the music is so melodious and helps her forget the reality. She mentions her instructer, Mr. Manigandan, helps them improve. She consistently shows how she tries hard and continues playing even if it is very painful. With the audience in mind, she states them in a few
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