Shakespeare inspiration of American Culture

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Shakespeare has had a big effect on the generation and past generation entertainment. Also he had a big effect on education with his creative and thoughtful writing. William Shakespeare was an author who wrote many well-known plays. High Schools and middle schools across the nation study his and exam his work. Shakespeare was a writer in the 1600’s and his popularity continued to grow and have a positive influence on American culture. To begin with there is no doubt that Shakespeare has been very influential to American culture. “Shakespeare was a master of an artistry of the English language, he wrote with such fluidity of thoughts, words and rhythm.” is explaining how William Shakespeare is such a great writer and how he took his time to expand his writing to a whole other spectrum. Also Shakespeare was so good with the English Language that teachers now have their students read and study Shakespeare and his writing. As published in Ashlee Jensen’s article she states, “Often, a single line would have several different meanings providing insight in this character or plot.” This give...
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