Shakespeare And The Oxfordian Theory

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No one knows whom or if Shakespeare is real. There are only theories that have come up about him. One of the theories is that Shakespeare of Stratford wrote his own plays. The other theory, the Oxfordian theory, is that Edward De Vere wrote the plays. Edward De Vere was a very smart boy growing up. After five years of attending Cambridge university, his tutor said “my work for the Earl of Oxford cannot be much longer required” (Murray) and Edward received his masters in Arts. Edward De Vere is also known as Shakespeare and is the man behind all of the Shakespeare plays. The Oxfordian theory of Shakespeares authorship is the theory that Edward De Vere, the 17th earl of Oxford, wrote the plays that were accredited to William Shakespeare of Stratford. Oxfordians believe he is the writer behind William Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets because of his talent as a poet and playwright and his contacts with Queen Elizabeth I and The Earl of Southampton. His academic achievements and his extensive travels along with the different languages he knows supports the evidence that Edward De Vere is the Author of the plays. Edward De Vere grew up as the earl of oxford because his father died when he was a boy. Edward received degrees from oxford University and Cambridge University. He also studied at Gray’s Inn where many plays took place. Edward was very good at writing plays and his contacts with Queen Elizabeth and The Earl of Southapton were very helpful with getting his plays out and public. The name William Shakespeare was just a pen name that was used by Edward De Vere to cover up his identity because playwriting was “beneath the dignity of nobility. Powerful people, like Lord Burghley, and even Queen Elizabeth, would have been embarrass... ... middle of paper ... ...are there would have been an increase in popularity of his plays. Very little is known about Shakespeare, this is another reason why the Oxfordian theory is believed by many. Shakespeare was thought of starting his education at the age of six or seven. Later on in his life he marries Anne Hathaway. He had twins, and one of the twins died. The truth behind who is the real writer will never be known on this earth. There are strong arguments for the Oxfordians and the Stratfordians. There are also other theories that could be true. The realistic theory that makes sense is the Oxfordian theory. Edward De Vere was known for being very intelligent, being bilingual, and being very good at playwrights. William Shakespeare did not have the same education as Edward De Vere and therefore most likely would not have the same vocabulary that was used in the plays and sonnets.

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