Shaken baby syndrome

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People need to be more educated about the dangers and affects of shaken baby syndrome, families who are at a high risk for abuse should be provided with some help to reduce stress such as funding, which would allow them to leave their child with safe caregivers in order to give them some time away from their child so they can to distress, or counsiling to help them learn how to deal with stress. There should be an information package provided to parents before leaving the hospital, after giving birth which explains the dangers of shaken baby syndrome. Daycare centres should train their staff and display information about shaken baby syndrome in their facility, parents or caregivers should make anyone who will be caring for their child, aware of the dangers of shaking a child. Some tips to prevent shaken baby syndrome: If you are afraid you may hurt your child. STOP put the baby down in a safe place such as a playpen or crib. Walk away but not so far that you cannot hear the child anymore, call a friend or family member for advise or support, run the vacuum cleaner to drown out the c...
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