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I heard the engine whistle up through my driveway; a man storming up and screaming at an inanimate object. Going over to look at my window I saw a two thousand and nine Toyota Prius. You could see the glistening light reflect off the overhead, the white looked as fresh as a freshly painted wall. The door slammed and my steady exhausted face turned upside down. I saw my nephew, he was dashing towards my house and sooner or later came out his dad from the driver's seat; though his face seemed blank and looked like he wanted to get out of my neighborhood as fast as possible. I opened the door and in came my nephew. "Hello dear, why don't you look so handsome today!" Later Mark, my brother came in and just told me "He's your problem now," and gave a kiss to his son then left. During this period Paul, my nephew ate some cookies and sat down on the couch to watch some television. I shut it off after fifteen minutes to tell him a story. Paul immediately sat on the carpet and looked up to hear the fascinating story. "It was the summer of eighty and I remember that it was a Thursday, June twelfth." "My friends called me Corey, some called me by my real name Connie, and this was because I really didn't share out my feelings with anyone. I was quite short at the time compared to everyone in my school, my hair was a light brown, and many people laughed at me because I didn't 'develop' yet. The upside to this was that I was on top of my class;I have been awarded the service award by out mayor several times. My family included my mom called Maryland, dad named Andrew who viciously beat me when i was young and left a permanent memory which i could still remember to this day. My two idiot brothers at the time, your dad Mark, and Craig. I had ... ... middle of paper ... ...ter the incident, police came into the mall; I guessed my mother was so worried that she didn't even bother to called Vivian about where I was. We sat on the parking lot outside of the mall, and it was stressful. No one talked, though my dad gave me the; 'I'm disappointed in you' face. A ambulance car came and the old man whose' his name was Jerry went in and was driven off; they took his duffel bag, and the tool with them. Jerry mumbled something on the way to the car about my appearance and his eyes were weeping that it almost made me cry. All was calm and the night was gleaming, a shooting star had passed over. 'Thank you.' " Paul was fast asleep, and I took his hand and said "We take it for granted we know the whole story- we judge a book by its cover and read what we want between selected lines without understanding the true integrity and meaning of the spaces."
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