Shades Of Human Civilization

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Human civilization has many shades, and with the passage of time, these shades have contributed in progress of the human civilization. One of such shades is Industrial Revolution of 17th century. This revolution brought new social and political economic system in world. If we study the progress of human civilization, the affects of evolution on the progress of human civilization overtime, becomes clear. Internet, social research and history agree are the most recent and clear shades. These shades are not only influencing the progress of human civilization, but also shaping it. It is observed that internet has provided with the more accessibility to information.
Individuals and organizations are able to identify more opportunities and challenges
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As the reach and popularity of social media increased, popularity for its use is also increased. There were many reasons, which increased the importance of social media, which included its access; it is less expensive and easy to use. Think of the time when people in the world were not linked to each other. Landline phones were the only technology to communicate in different countries. However, with invention of internet and social media’s role; things have completely changed. Business world is also getting more benefits from use of social media. Society is getting closer through social media, where people from every field of life with different opinions contact with each other and share thoughts, ideas and information. It is observed that sometimes a news story even before reaching electronic media, reaches at social media. Business world is also getting more benefits from use of social media. There are so many social media platforms, but Face book is considered one of the most popular in all of them…show more content…
This group of people has a very strong claim, which completely against the first claim that social media is informing the society. They say that it is creating confusion through wrong information. They say that in this time people are getting more information, but the issue is correctness of the information. They believe that humans are less informed than past because it is hard to find correct information, as there is too much information is available (Kelly). They further say that a person or organization must have a method to understand correct information. If an individual or organization has no ability then it will not able to find or identify correct information. The use of inaccurate information will affect the decisions and actions, which will further make issues difficulties or challenges for company or individual. To consider their viewpoint and claim they give example of current economic conditions. As per this group or, investment based on inaccurate data/information has created wrong economic environment, which atlas burst and creates economic losses
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