Sexuality of Humanity in Art

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Ever since ancient times, humanity has created pieces of art that involve the sexuality of both men and women. The interest of sexuality in art started from the cave paintings of the first Homo sapiens in Europe 40,000 years ago, which illustrated the unique sexual desires at the time, and has evolved to modern day art, which shows a deeper meaning behind sexuality. It is very intriguing how sexual interest and discussion in art has evolved over time. Upon first examination of early sexual art, people might misunderstand depictions of nudity, homosexuality, or sexual violence in art, thinking that artists were stranger or cruel back then. In reality, artists created their pieces of art in according to what was socially accepted at the time, what style was favored, and what the minds of the viewers they felt like needed at the time. My goal is to walk people through the reasons why certain styles of sexual art existed at certain periods of time and how they evolved from sheer sexual imagery to deep topics of discussion. For the pieces of arts in my exhibit, each one of them has a central theme that relates to sexuality in art. In the earliest piece, “Abduction of the Sabine Woman” created by Nicholas Poussin in 1594, it shows several young women being kidnapped, and since this was created during the time of the Renaissance, naked flesh in art was becoming more appreciated. Thus making the painting very effective at the time as it shows acts of violence on women as their clothing is stretched apart, exposing their flesh. Even though this piece was made as early as the 16th century, the opinions on sexuality in art had shifted several times before they could get to this point to appreciate naked flesh. Starting with Greek art, dep... ... middle of paper ... ...the human body in the Renaissance. Followed by finding deep meaning behind these depictions in Baroque art, into seeking the playfulness and acceptance of sexual enjoyment in Rococo, and resulting in modern day art, which utilizes all of these past styles to both show the pros and cons of sexuality, enlighten others to sexual acceptance, and to simply please the viewer. This massive shift between sheer sexual imagery in everyday life to sexual meaning in art is what people need to understand as it shows how much humanity can evolve in viewing a universal topic such as sexuality. It is not a matter of the level of sex and violence in a work of art, it is how each piece shows what humanity had or needed in terms of sexuality at the time. With time, sexuality in art will continue to evolve as long as humanity has the desires of sexuality, acceptance, and enlightenment.

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