Sexuality and Television

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Sexuality and Television After viewing only a few hours of television I asked myself, “How is it that people can spend as many as 20 hours watching television per week?” A whole day wasted, and what has come out of it? More garbage that will further distort any real comprehension held about what it means to be a male or a female. What it means to be male or female in the American culture cannot be defined with simple words, but yet can be easily distorted when viewing any commercial on television. It is amazing how a story about an entire culture’s views about sexuality can be told in only a small portion of the day. This story about sexuality was unraveled as I forced myself to watch something I have absolutely no interest in and have not seen in almost four months. Women wearing extremely revealing clothing (i.e halter tops, mini skirts, breast accentuating shirts, and translucent clothing), men inconsequentially “fooling around” with whom ever they please, and negatives attitudes about genders were all common issues in my 19 inch box of colorful sound. Could it really be possible that the programs on television accurately portray how we Americans view sexuality? Watching only five hours of television led me to the conclusion that no matter what channel I happened to turn on, there was always an attractive person being displayed, and Americans choose to be promiscuous because they can. Viewing such an abundance of attractive people on television makes me wonder if a “normal” American even exists. If our lives do not resemble those of the characters we view on television, does that mean that there is something wrong with us? In the American society, if we see something that we like, we will keep watching it and obs... ... middle of paper ... ...ext, and what one innocent being takes to heart, may easily be sloughed of by a more educated individual with a hardened exterior. There is always going to be opposition, positives, and negatives to any subject. America represents an individualistic and controversial society filled with a population diverse in every aspect from race to religion. As our culture progresses in its sexuality so does the media’s portrayal of our sexuality. Human sexuality is a sensitive and influential topic which holds a different, but special meaning within the heart of every individual. Therefore, in publicly addressing this subject, one simple question must be asked: is publicly available viewing material greatly influencing the beliefs of our culture, or is it simply an aid to one’s own personal discoveries and life lessons pertaining to sexuality? We may never know the answer.
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