Sexuality And Sexuality

The Internet may have a positive effect on the American society in ways that it helps people access many different kinds of information, but a different kind of information can be regarded as useful or even destructive to our society: sexual content. In this paper, I want to discuss how the online world of sexually explicit content has affected society. I want to search into whether or not sex on the Internet has increased sexuality in society and whether or not is has made more people encouraged more to lose sight of the importance and emotionality of sex. I also want to touch on the positive and informative forms of sexual content on the Internet and what positive effects they have in our society. In conclusion, I will discuss what could be done to help keep young kids away from harmful sexual content that they should not be viewing at young ages that might harm them in various forms (that are introduced in this paper) later in life. There are many different varieties of sexual content on the Internet and it ranges in different forms. Sexual content can be informative or used for enjoyment. There are sites that help people understand sexual health and guide them to understanding what their sexual organs are intended or not intended for, there are also dating sites that give people the opportunity to meet people across the country or even the world. There are sites that promote information about sexual orientation and even help support people that are in the discriminated minorities of gay, lesbian, and transgender orientations. There are sites that feature pornographic materials that can either be destructive to the views of sex in society or helpful in helping people understand their preferences in sexual relationships. The... ... middle of paper ... ...p websites. Most families do not have Internet filters on their home computers, nor are those filters able to be used on cellular devices, which are getting into the hands of kids at younger and younger of ages. So, why not reconstruct how the Internet is set up? I don’t necessarily believe that sexual health information should be blocked from the youth, but I do believe that dating sites and pornographic material should be. The government should take the extra step and section off sexual content websites that are not suitable for all ages into an Internet portal that is accessible only to people that can provide proof of identification, such as an identification card that is issued by the state. If people have to have form of identification to purchase or rent pornographic material in stores, why shouldn’t they have to do so when viewing content on the Internet?

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