Sexual References In Henry Miller's The Tropic Of Capricorn

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Every time I look into a mirror I check my hair, maybe inspect my teeth to see if I do not have food wedged up my tooth I would not want people to observe as I smile. That is pretty much the reason I use a mirror. Oh wait, I also utilize one as I shave. That is it. I did not believe there could be a more profound way of looking at ones reflection. Henry Miller’s The Tropic Of Capricorn changed my view of who I was actually looking at. Imagine reading something so powerful it made you question the meaning on why you and specifically you were given life on this earth and why you were given the specific life you are living and what will eventually turn out to be your legacy? If I have your head spinning I apologize but that was the same reaction…show more content…
The book is very sexual, it has many sexual terms with the likes of “cunt”, “pussy” and “cock” being a few. I first see this play off in page 59 when Valeska comes over to the Miller household to take care of Henry’s daughter while his wife is at the doctors getting ready to go into the surgery room for an abortion. Miller who stays with Valeska to watch his daughter soon have sex while the kid sleeps. Instead of focusing on Valseska and their sex he remembers his grandfather sitting on the bench warning his mother Henry was reading too much, he also thought of the attack on San Juan Hill by the Rough Riders and even a trip to the Navy Yard accompanied by his father when he was a kid. The fact that he thought of all these memories as he had an affair with the woman he was supposedly “crazy” about is astonishing. It lead me to believe that Henry thought much more of sexual intercourse than we regular people did. He continues to have his affairs including a one night stand with Pauline, a minor who happened to be Jewish and homeless and also an Egyptian colleague who also happened to be of Jewish descent. I believe Henry views sex as a way to connect himself to the world spiritually. He explains that most of what surrounds him is in the midst of chaos. The world was tearing apart, he was surrounded by failure and that he too would fail in life because of it. After living with these thoughts his whole life even as a kid, Miller was able to view sexual intercourse as the portal from which he abandons the physical world and floats toward spirituality in search to find the true meaning of life, the true meaning of

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