Sexual Imagery In Advertising Essay

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Marketing is essential in enhancing the sales of any business. The industry has grown so fast that many of those working in this particular area are some of the most sought-after individuals in the job market. One of essential concepts of marketing is advertising. Over the decades, it has become more sexual. Ideally, such advertisements appeal to the audience. Thus, viewers are more likely to remember the products that were being advertised. Although numerous scholars have argued that sexual imagery in advertising should not be considered unethical, further analysis shows that, indeed, the use of sexual imagery in advertising contradicts certain moral principles.
The use of sexual imagery in advertising is unethical because it is not limited
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Television is very public because people of different ages and backgrounds sit together to watch television at any time of the day. Sexual advertisements make this arrangement difficult. For instance, it becomes problematic to explain to a child what an advertisement involving sexual scenes is about. In the same breath, it is disrespectful when parents and their teenage children watch a highly sexual advertisement. The media that are one of the most public forums of communication act like a public voice to create awareness, and when sex is put on this platform, it becomes…show more content…
One of them is that the use of sexual imagery in advertisement campaigns is not unethical as it helps with product sales. In fact, many marketers agree that “sex sells”. Due to this, many people tend to remember things that are sexual in nature as opposed to those that lack this feature. Another argument that refutes the idea that the use of sexual imagery in advertising is unethical is the fact that these advertisements do not target children. Commercial targeting the younger generation are rather playful and appropriate for them. The sexual advertisements target individuals that are mature enough to understand the message that is put across. Over the years, television stations have been able to differentiate times when children watch television and periods when grown up individuals do. This demarcation has helped to reduce sexual adverts that are shown when children might be

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