Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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Sexual harassment in the workplace consists of unsolicited sexual behaviors the recipient finds offensive and intimidating. Though this discrimination is illegal, the number of cases of sexual harassment continues to increase each year. This harassment may affect the recipient’s work performance, health, and career. Both men and women are victims of this discrimination; unfortunately, the majority never reports it to their employers due to fear of retaliation or loss of employment.

Sexual Harassment in the Work Place

Headlines in newspapers, the evening news, and the internet report an increasing number of sexual harassment incidents in the public arena of politics. Imagine the number of incidents taking place in the larger private sector, out of the public’s scrutiny. Although many types of harassment occur in the workplace, the most common, sexual harassment often remains unreported. Various factors constitute sexual harassment in the workplace and may lead to retaliation towards victims electing to report incidents. In addition to adverse effects on victims, organizations similarly suffer from sexual harassment incidents.

Factors Constituting Sexual Harassment

Decades ago, federal law prohibited discrimination with the creation of The Civil Rights Act of 1964. Through several amendments and inclusion of Title VII, this law now includes sexual harassment as a form of discrimination. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) published guidelines for defining workplace sexual harassment, as well as standards in handling charges of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment arises from unsolicited physical, verbal, and non-verbal behavior of a sexual nature hindering one’s work performance or generating an a...

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...nation requires vigilance of both time and personnel to provide awareness, training and zero tolerance policies for effectively eliminating workplace harassment. Take a stand now to help provide a harassment free workplace environment.

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