Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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Obviously, it is a very natural thing for men and women to be attracted to each other in sexual ways. Men, more than women, have been historically known to be far more aggressive in their advances toward women sexually and it varies from each woman as to how these aggressive advances make them feel. Advances such as whistling, bottom pinching and glaring are the types of things some men do to women in an attempt to show they are sexually attracted to them. These types of advances can be attempted just about anywhere; the beach, the mall, in night clubs, walking down the street, or even in their place of employment. Where should the line be drawn as to where these advancements are appropriate and what can a woman do to protect herself from feeling uncomfortable while trying to make a living? Women experiencing this type of treatment is a real problem in the workplace today and has been for many years. It has become to be known as sexual harassment and was given a widely used definition by Michael Rubenstein as 'unwanted conduct of a sexual nature or conduct based on sex which is offensive to the recipient'(Collier 3). However, the term often has a very unclear definition in the legal since. Harassment is only harassment if it is felt to be so by the recipient(3). With that said, there is a very large range as to what could be felt as sexual harassment and that creates a great concern for men in the workplace and a need to be extremely careful as to what is said, the way you look, as well as what and where fellow employees are touched. A small, innocent touch on the shoulder could be seen as harassment just as a crude sexual pinch on the bottom by some women. Because of that, sexual harassment, rightfully so, is appro...

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...others and I think that new and improved programs should always be implemented because many people find ways around the system. In order to learn more about sexual harassment and prevent fraud, detailed reports should continue to be kept for every case filed and each one should be investigated thoroughly. There are some women who will file false sexual harassment charges against someone for personal reasons. If this does happen, the male usually never comes out on the good end and the women remains employed at the company. Complete investigations will attempt this from happening and will assure that justice be kept in the workforce as well. Again, sexual harassment is always going to be a part of our world, but the companies that research and address the problem properly will remain on top while those who ignore it will loose more than they can imagine.
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