Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Essay

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Anderson, W. L., & Bouravnev, A. (2011). Sexual Harassment: the Good, the Bad, and the
Ugly? Franklin Business & Law, 31-37.
This article is to look at the workplace to determine the effects of sexual harassment in the workplace. To see the working environment, the positive and negative effects that can happen from sexual harassment training, and see if the training is effective. At least sexual harassment has been seen as a problem throughout the United States, and even some states are mandated training with all employment in their states. Those states are California, Connecticut and Maine. Even with the training sexual harassment can still occur in all circumstances, training or not.
In 198 women filed a total of 3,661 charges of sexual harassment and exploded to 14,420 in 1994, and continue to grow. This has brought on a lot of lawsuits that the Equal Emplyment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) got involved to make sure that sexual harassment to be a form of gender discrimination. They recommend that Human Resources staff should get involved immediately to resolve the problems but many times the person has already contacted an lawer and then claim legal remedies.
The believe that educating the workforce on proper conduct should help with the elimation of sexual harassment. But even though companies have guidelines, policies and training, sexual harassment will still happen even in the best of companies.

Antecol, H., & Cobb-Clark, D. (2003). Does Sexual Harassment Training change Attitudes? A View from the Federal Level. Social Science Quarterly, 826-842.
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... the work place in a better environment. Companies paid approximately $50 million to people who filed chargers, and that does not include any monies that a company paid out of litigation. So adequate training on harassment might benefit some companies. In 1999, 97% of companies had written anti-harassment policies and only 62% of companies had prevention training.
California joined several other states to have sexual harassment prevention legislation. Some other states are Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont. By having a requirement for training it provides companies with something to help with courts and judges my help the companies if they have made effort to prevent and correct harassment with proper documented training. Companies should expect more states to have required training to protect workplaces in the future.
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