Sexual Harassment Effects Body Esteem

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Women are constantly faced with unwelcomed sexual harassment on a daily basis. According to a report from the American Association of University Women in 2005, statistics showed at least 62 percent of female college students have reported being sexually harassed at their university (17). Stephen Franzoi conducted a study observing young women on their body esteem and the connection between parent interaction and the everyday experiences they had in the case it had an effect on them. It was a two-study investigation based on sexism. Study 1 had shown fathers’ sexist beliefs were “positively correlated with daughters’ weight-related and physical condition body esteem” (1). Study 2 had also shown body esteem was linked to mild sexist experiences while aggressive sexist experiences were negatively related. Sexual harassment affects female body esteem and it should be stopped and made more aware of.
Whether it was in a physical form, or a couple of offhanded remarks while walking down the street, sexual harassment has probably happened to female you know. 87 percent of American women between the ages of 18-64 have been hassled by male strangers; and “over one half of them experienced “extreme” harassment including being touched, grabbed, rubbed, brushed or followed by a strange man on the street or other public place” (“Oxygen/Markle Pulse Poll” 1). Along with this, the poll stated 84 percent of women actually considered changing their behavior while in public to avoid harassment. Women should not have to change how they act to help protect themselves from strangers.
Sexual harassment and the fear of rape has gone so far that special “anti-rape wear” has been made for females designed to stop others from trying to get them out of th...

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