Sexual Harassment And The Workplace

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Describes how sexual harassment in the workplace is on the rise. Specifically with teens, in 2004 the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission showed that there were nearly four times the sexual harassment suits filed than in the year of 2001 (Hauck & Leslie, 2006). In addition to, the article describes that there are five different areas that employers can focus on to guarantee that they are reaching all employees, even the most vulnerable (Hauck & Leslie, 2006). Also, the employers need to focus on training all employees (full-time, part-time, and seasonal) and ensure all employees are interacting in the training session (Hauck & Leslie, 2006). The employer also needs to be able to relate to the employees in a way that they will understand and ensure the employees understood the training (an example would be by administrating a quiz) (Hauck & Leslie, 2006). Lastly, the article states to assure that all employees have a clear understanding of how to report sexual harassment without feeling fear of retaliation (Hauck & Leslie, 2006). “Is Your Sexual Harassment Training Reaching the Most Vulnerable?” is pertinent to this project. The article describes the need of Sexual Harassment Training for employees with a significant increase sexual harassment suits being filed with the EEOC. The article also gives great advice on how to reach the employees that need the training the most. This article expresses the need for sexual harassment within the corporate world. The article cites that the U.S. Supreme Court can now hold employers responsible for sexual harassment within their company, regardless as to if the employer knows about it or not (Landolt, 2006). They U.S. Supreme Court also said that the harassed person did not have su... ... middle of paper ... ...ployees understand and provide follow-up training (Moore, Gatlin-Watts & Cangelosi, 1998). Three of the eight steps are reinforcing the “train” your employee mentality. “Eight Steps to a Sexual-Harassment-Free Workplace” is inspiring to see a tested and tried plan that has been successful. With implementing a plan for sexual harassment training in IMC Companies, it is very meaningful to have data to point to that show other companies have had success. As well, to have three of the five steps have some training involved; it reiterates that training is essential. This article follows up on the legal sexual training laws in the State of California. This article announces the finalization of the requirements of California employers pertaining to sexual harassment training (Deschenaux, 2007). The article confirms that each employee must take a minimum of two hours of

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