Sexual Harassment And Sexual Assault

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College campuses are notorious for sexual harassment, sexual assault, and even rape. Our group topic that we choose was, sexual violence behavior, which I narrowed down to college campus sexual violence. It is a growing number that students, both girl and boy, need to be aware of this threat. Some statistics that show just how dangerous it can really be on a campus, 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 boys are sexually assaulted. Counting all the girls in our class, 3 of them, hypothetically, would be raped during their college years. Around 90 percent of sexual assaults are not reported due to fear. I did not pick a certain case, since there are so many out there, but rape, assault, and harassment I believe come from a different point in life. I believe some of these behaviors come from the media, movies, tv shows, and music. These different areas can send children, teenagers, and adults that it is okay to treat women or men a certain way.
The theories that I used to explain this type of behavior was social learning theory and general strain theory. And through the example of how I described people can learn this behavior, I will be explaining through these paragraphs.
The media is a huge thing that is apart of our culture, you see it everywhere you turn or go. Something of news related is always being played on the tv, either on your campus or in a restaurant. Media shows the worst of people to everyone in the country, how there are rapists, predators, killers, shootings, bomb threats, school shootings, presidential debates, wars, and crisis. If you are wanting peace and comfort, I suggest you don’t watch the news. When the news talks about rapes and sexual assaults it can be quite ugly, especially the victim. Media can display and twi...

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...ot everyone is Beyonce or Britney Spears, so it is degrading for many others to think that women or men feel such a way is ridiculous.
How social learning theory plays into this, is how people will learn from media, movies, tv shows, and songs that it is okay to act or speak a certain way to a specific gender. Also it can relate how their parents or siblings react to the certain type of media. Using the general strain theory, it can be straining on peers against each other in how one acts a certain way, and how others feel as if they need to surpass that or do the same thing.
The world in college has become a dangerous place for everyone, and it was even eye opening to me, to learn the statistics and stories of all what happens on a college campus. I am hoping that it will soon change and will be a big topic at hand to protect people from this detrimental crime.
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