Sexual Expression And Individual Expression

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Abstract This paper will consist of an exploration into the concept of sexual expression and articulately defining this topic in a critical matter. It will look into topics such as individual expression, which consists of defining oneself in terms of actions. For example: appearance, way of communicating, or simply how one acts. Sexual expression will be seen through social interactions and of how and where people can relate to others. Sexual expression will most importantly be looked into the different types of emotions felt to achieve sexual expression. The factors that will be examined are through positive and negative behaviors that cause people to form sexual expression. In the Ridley, Ogolsky, Payne, Totenhagen & Cate article there is research of how sexual expression has been understood today and how it can be articulated with regards to positive and negative behaviors. In the DeLamater article, it talks about the different roles of sexual expression in the later life and how it affects us emotionally. These two articles help to better understand the notion of sexual expression and serves as the purpose for this paper. Sexual Expression The topic of sexual expression has always been a tough concept to define and the definition has changed drastically over time. The idea of sexual expression can be interpreted in terms of sexuality, ways of communication, or how people present themselves in this world as a sexual being. It can represent a sense of identity and help understand the orientation, gender, and role of a human being. It does not necessarily have to refer to an individual’s representation but it can be expressed within a group or community. Exploring sexual expression can be looked into different angle... ... middle of paper ... ...x Research 49.2-3 (2012): 125-41. Ridley, Carl, Brian Ogolsky, Pamela Payne, Casey Totenhagen, and Rodney Cate. “Sexual Expression: Its Emotional Context in Heterosexual, Gay, and Lesbian Couples. Journal of Sex Research 45.3 (2008): 305-14. Discussion Questions from Sexual Expression article 1.) How do you think our talking to parents about sexual expression is important? And do you think our society has changed in terms of talking about this topic openly? 2.) Why is it so hard for parents to accept their children’s decision to this day and why do they apply their perspective into their children’s thinking process to reconsider thinking about what their children’s decide to do in terms of sexual expression? 3.) Why do you think having parents that are more protective are typically better to communicate with than very open parents when it comes sexual expression?
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