Sexual Ethics: Gay Marriage Should Not Be Allowed

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In today’s news and media, it seems that the topic of homosexuality and whether it is morally acceptable or unacceptable is brought up on a daily occurrence. Many individuals believe that homosexuality is a problem and ceremonies such as gay marriage should not be allowed. However, what is it that makes homosexuality considered wrong? Critics argue that homosexuality goes against the Bible—the word of God—and is immoral. The issue of homosexuality, however, is argued further when considering the topic of sexual ethics; homosexuality is not the only aspect of sexual ethics but also what is good and what is the purpose of sex and taboo situations such as incest, rape, pre-marriageable sex, monogamy and polygamy. Two philosophers, John Corvino and Alexander Pruss, argue their views on the matter of sexual ethics and give their opinions in relations to above issues, most notably in discussing the purpose of sex. By focusing on Pruss’s nature of love argument, more specifically that the “illusions of sex” are not what makes sex good and how same-sex relations are not morally permissible will construct an arguments against the permissibility of various sexual activities. Sexual ethics, otherwise known as sexual morality, involves issues revolving around one’s sexuality and human sexual behaviors. Alexander Pruss discusses sexual ethics in the form of the importance of love and the forms that it takes. According to Pruss, “there are, at least, three intertwined aspects to all forms of love: appreciation, benevolence, and a striving for union ("From Love to Union as One Body" 17).” When looking at the three forms of love, one can argue that everyone needs all three aspects in order to achieve and feel true love. However, out of the three,... ... middle of paper ... ...lse pleasure seekers while avoiding the true goodness of sex. Unfortunately, homosexuality is considered to be not morally permissible, too since it goes against the Old Testament where God had deemed it as inappropriate since it goes against his plans for reproduction. It is important to remember the intercourse when two beings become one flesh and body that function together is the most important form of love since it not only fulfils one’s emotional and physical needs but it satisfies the yearning that romantic love craves for. Works Cited Pruss, Alexander R. "From Love to Union as One Body." One Body: An Essay in Christian Sexual Ethics (ND Studies in Ethics and Culture). N.p.: U of Notre Dame, 2012`. 17-27. Print. Pruss, Alexander R. "Same-sex Relations: The Argument from the Old Testament." Web log post. N.p., 2 Jan. 2008. Web. 22 Apr. 2014.
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