Sexual Education in Public Schools

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Sexual Education in Public Schools

The controversy over abstinence and comprehensive sex education came into the public eye with a major case in the Montgomery court system. Three groups seeking to halt the new sex education curriculum in Montgomery County schools filed the necessary papers on July 26th 2007. Seeking a court order to prevent the school system from teaching a controversial sex education course. The case was over ruled. The sex-education class restarted Aug. 27th

This topic is controversial because every person has different views on what kids should be exposed to, and what will help them. Some parents don’t want their kids to be exposed to contraceptives. In thinking that they will take the information and use it to have sexual relations. Others believe that kids will not follow the abstinence pledges that they make. And not ever being taught of contraceptives they would have unprotected sex. This results in the back and forth legal and moral battles.

Despite the belief that abstinence only education should be taught. It has no place in our public schools bec...
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