Sexual Disorders

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In society you would never expect things such as a sexual disorder or abnormal sexual behavior to happen to an ordinary person. Abnormal sexual behavior consist of different disorders, but in order for it to be considered a disorder it must have one of the three requirements, which are bringing harm to others, persistent or recurrent distress, or impairment in important areas of functioning. When looking more in debt at sexual disorders there are many different reasons why disorders occur, from being raped to it just being genetically, you never know why a person is the way they are. To name a few, some of these disorders that occur are pedophilia, exhibitionist, fetishism, partialism, and etc. To begin, abnormality in individual sexual responsiveness is called sexual dysfunctions. Sexual dysfunctions are defined by the individual and there is no correct pattern of sexual activity; what one individual may consider dysfunctional, another may consider it normal and healthy. In addition, there are many characterizations to this dysfunction such as sexual aversion disorder, hypoactive sexual desire disorder, sexual arousal disorder, and orgasmic disorder. Next, sexual aversion disorder is characterized by a dislike with genital contact with a sexual partner. This may cause personal stress or interpersonal problems, because the person may actually enjoy sexual activities, but when it comes to intercourse with another person they are repulsed by these actions. This includes contact such as hugging or kissing, but this is not for all persons. Some people just have a problem with actual penetration or genital odors more specific interpersonal sexual behaviors. The person may feel lonely and resistant of intimate relationships, b... ... middle of paper ... ... behavioral method that the client imagines a great deal of shame when acquaintances observe him in his exhibitionistic behaviors. Alongside the embarrassment a client may be given paroxetine to help reduce the compulsive behavior. To continue, fetishism is when people become dependent of an object to sexually fulfill them. They also prefer the object over sexual activity with a partner. Most people with this disorder are mostly men and it is hard to establish the commonality of this disorder because it usually goes untreated. There are more common objects that are used such as articles of clothing like underwear, boots, stockings, etc. Then there are more drastic objects used such as artificial limbs, diapers, and rubber items. Partialism plays right into this because it may be more of a specific objects such as feet that may be used to sexually excite them.
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