Sexual Deviancy and the Internet

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History defines us. History is what makes changes to both norms of society and what is socially acceptable for any lifestyle. That being said, how does the internet and sexual deviancy play a role in our history and how has it changed through time? What is acceptable in the terms of sexual variation now from our past as a world and as a society? Times changes and so do viewpoints on what is sexually acceptable, however, some forms of sexual deviancy such as pedophilia will never be acceptable by any standards of human decency. Sexual deviancy is defined by Wikipedia as Paraphilia. This term is used to describe sexual objects or images that cause sexual arousal, Paraphilia “involves sexual arousal and gratification towards sexual behavior that is atypical or extreme” (Wikipedia) and viewed as abnormal to the standards that society has set at that time. We as society have come so far in our acceptance of sexual orientation and sexual identity. Some of this due to advocacy, but a majority of these changing viewpoints are due to internet pornography. The internet opens up the world in ways never seen before. Privacy and confidentiality of what happens in ones household in regards to sexual relations are no longer intimate and private but are available for the world to see via webcams and social media outlets. Most people view this harmlessly and use these as an outlet for sexual exploration and endeavors. Other people however, use the internet and sexual pornography for another reason altogether. Pedophiles and rapists use these forms to lure their next victim into their clutches. As our technology increases for the purported betterment of mankind so does the exploitation of that which was meant for good. It wasn’... ... middle of paper ... ...wever, this may also serve as a substitution for the actual acts of sexual deviancy and may act as sort of a safety mechanism for other pathological and sociological issues. Mustanski writes that “the ultimate goal of such research (in sexual studies), will be to understand the timing and mechanism of various etiological factors that influence sexual orientation.” (Mustanski, 2002) However, sexual orientation is no longer considered to be a sexual deviancy in most cultures like pedophilia and rape. However, there are more and more studies showing that there still may be a genetic link in people that triggers something in their thought processes which compels people to act on their sexual urges. Just because a person identifies as either homosexual or heterosexual does not define that they will become a sexual deviant as defined by current society standards.
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