Sexual Desire and Disorders

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Sexual Desire 2 Sex is a natural human action that is necessary to maintain the human race. For most engaging in sexual intercourse the experience is very pleasurable but for some it can be a painful or uncomfortable experience due to a sexual disorder. A sexual disorder is the inability to perform sexually or as well as experiencing mental or physical pain and distress during sexual relations. There are many different forms of sexual disorders, the most prominent are: Desire disorders, Arousal disorder, Orgasmic disorder, and Pain disorder. Each of these disorders effects their victim differently, but they are all every difficult to live life with. Sexual desire disorders stem from a person interests and want for sexual desire. There are too main types of sexual desire orders. There is Hypoactive Sexual Desire which is when a person how low interest or drive to engage in sexual acts. Hypoactive Sexual Desire can be caused by many factors ranging from ones physical attributes such as hormones to past sexual encounters to relationship and trust issues. There are a vast amount of factors that can cause Hyporactive Sexual Disorder. This disorder can also stem from a perceived perception that one will or has not met the level of desire they wish they could (David, F. H., Fertel, E. R., Singh, D., Fernandez, F., & al, e.) The most common treatment for Hyproactive Sexual Disorder is though a sex therapist. The second form of Sexual desire disorders is Sexual Aversion Desire which according to Lori A. Brotto Sexual Aversion Desire is defined as ‘‘persistent or recurrent extreme aversion to, and avoidance of, all or almost all, genital sexual contact with a sexual partner’’(Brotto). To people with Sexual Aversion Desire the idea o... ... middle of paper ... ...B. (2010).Ask the Expert: Sexual Dysfunction Medication, Hormones and Nutrition. (Binik, Y. M., Reissing, E., Pukall, C., Flory, N., & al, e. (2002). The female sexual pain disorders: Genital pain or sexual dysfunction? Archives of Sexual Behavior, 31(5), 425-9. Retrieved from 2010), volume 8 number 4 Brotto, L. A. (2010). The DSM diagnostic criteria for sexual aversion disorder. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 39(2), 271-7. doi: David, F. H., Fertel, E. R., Singh, D., Fernandez, F., & al, e. (2005). THE ROLE OF SEXUAL FUNCTIONING IN THE SEXUAL DESIRE ADJUSTMENT AND PSYCHOSOCIAL ADAPTATION OF WOMEN WITH HYPOACTIVE SEXUAL DESIRE. The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, 14(1), 15-30. Retrieved from
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